Special Editions / Edition 3 + 2 a.p / 2017

Trilogy Box 2017

Taking Off. Henry My Neighbor (2015) Art Paper Edition, Belgium; first edition
Elisabeth – I want to eat –  (2008) self-published version, NL
Queen Ann. P.S. Belly Cut Off (2010) Alauda Publication, NL

3 loose prints on barite paper 20 x 30 cm, flip book, audiotape with Elisabeth’s letters and music, herbarium sheets, polaroid of Martha, dia, various small prints of letters and such.

The box was designed by Mariken Wessels. Edition of three and two Artist Proofs.

Trilogy Box Specifications:

Dimensions box closed
Width Length Height
27 cm x 36 cm x 13,5 cm

Dimensions box open
Width Length Height
75 cm x 100 cm x 13,5 cm