Photo Book / Design by Mariken Wessels, Full color, Limited edition / 2012

He was there


He was there explores the anthropology of a man in his own reality. In a voyeuristic way Wessels observes and captures a man while he is unpacking his suitcase. The book investigates and plays with the voyeurism characteristic, with the man eventually provoking the beholder. Who is watching whom? And where does it take place, in a park maybe or a zoo?

He was there is a published as a concertina folding. It represents a timeline that unfolds to 9 meters in length. The book is presented in a box.

Specifications of the photo book:
He was there / 2012 (concept 2006)
Concept and design Mariken Wessels
Dimensions 24 cm x 33 cm
Unfolds to 9 meters in length
Concertina folding in a handmade box
Limited edition
Signed / numbered
Full color 

Also available is a special edition of the photo book including a signed, numbered print.

The book can be purchased directly from the artist and at a selection of book shops world wide soon. See the links page for more info on the book shop.