Photo Book / Design by Mariken Wessels, Full color, Limited edition / 2012

Don't forget


Our memory can be seen as the archive of our past. It is the center of our identity, our personality and our experience. Even though some moments are well preserved in it, our memory is less controllable than we might want it to be. It doesn’t seem to have a register and it often doesn’t recollect moments in a chronological way. Our memory can run out on us, it can disappear or it can be altered. But in some way the archive remains.

What must be done when we no longer want to remember? And where are the repressed memories hidden that we would rather have forgotten? If we are unable to recollect or reach them, are they still true? And did those moments really happen? These questions are the starting point for the book Don't forget

Specifications of the photo book:

Don't forget / 2012
Concept and design Mariken Wessels
13 cm x 18,5 cm
14 pages concertina folding
Limited edition
250 copies, signed / numbered
Full color

Don't forget can be purchased directly from the artist or at a selection of book shops world wide soon. See the links page for more information on the book shop.